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Posted by Easter Seals UCP 11/29/11 in Our Scene

Vincent outside the ACT team office.

Vincent F. is content with his life.  He has a clean and comfortable apartment, lives within a budget, maintains a savings account and makes sure his bills are paid on time.  But life has not always been kind to Vincent. 

In fact, he grew up in a home where using and selling drugs was commonplace and even acceptable, and where his untreated mental illness was attributed to the fact that he was “hard headed.”  As a young adult, Vincent became homeless.  Beset by hallucinations and sleeping in abandoned houses and even trash receptacles, Vincent’s mental illness resulted in actions that led to him being charged with a number of crimes and eventual commitment to a hospital for mental health treatment.  Reluctant to take medication and not really understanding his condition, Vincent’s life became a cycle of brief hospitalizations followed by his return to a destructive and debilitating lifestyle.

Finally, Vincent connected with an Easters Seals UCP Assertive Community Treatment Team that became his lifeline.  In his interaction with the ACT Team, Vincent was able to confront his medical, emotional and spiritual challenges and build a new life.  And finally, through Easter Seals UCP, Vincent is assured of long-term, community-based treatment for his severe and persistent mental health needs.

Vincent agreed to share his story with you in the hope that as you prepare for the holidays and your year-end giving, you will consider a gift to Easter Seals UCP.  We are a lifelong partner to thousands of people managing disabilities and mental health challenges, so that a gift you make today could not only change the life of a man like Vincent, but also a little girl with cerebral palsy who needs physical therapy, or perhaps a scared young teenager who desperately needs a foster home.

To make a year-end gift you can give online, or send cash or a check to: Easter Seals UCP North Carolina & Virginia, attn: Year-End Giving, 5171 Glenwood Ave, Raleigh, NC 27612.  For other giving options, please contact Pamela Glazer via email at or by phone at (919) 865-8630.

What better way to close out the old year than by giving a helping hand and the chance at a bright future to those who need it most?

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