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Easter Seals UCP's supported employment enables people with disabilities to not only earn a sustainable wage and/or volunteer their talents, but also give back to their communities.  We provide one-on-one assistance at a person's job site to help develop skills and build supportive relationships with co-workers and employers.  Our employment services also help individuals with disabilities identify career interests and skills, and match them with meaningful, competitive jobs with community employers.  Employment services include job coaching & training, long term vocational support, and vocational day supports.

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Supported Employment helps individuals with disabilities to identify their career goals.  Supported Employment develops relationships with hundreds of employers and during job development, and searches for the jobs that match the individual career goals of the people we support.  After placement is made, Supported Employment provides job training at the job site for as long as it takes to assure that the employer and the individual with disabilities are satisfied.  After training ends, Supported Employment staff will provide follow-along services in the form of job site visits to help satisfactory job performance for the employer.  Some individuals will require daily assistance from Supported Employment staff, but the vast majority will only need support on a weekly or biweekly basis.

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